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Discover if you have a poor performing pension. Check for Free if you can achieve better returns, reduce excessive charges and gain more control. Don’t delay a pension transfer could be adding £1000s to your retirement pot.

Transferring A Pension Fund, Pension Transfer

Do you know how your pension is performing?

If you own a pension of any kind you may have done well during those “booming economy” years despite having little or no proactive management of your pension – we know those generous days are over and gone forever.

The secret apathy of so many big named companies of sloppy, wasteful practices has left many people with pensions that are weak, fragile and vulnerable with little or no hope of them meeting their basic income needs – never mind having the money to start enjoying life when they retire!!

Being in charge of your retirement does mean looking ahead and taking control of it, understanding that something needs change and acting on it. It means determining a structured  plan against clearly defined goals; it means committing to it. It means you retain control as your pensions investment works towards those goals.

We’re experienced, we’re independent – and we’ll make sure that your pension really works for you.

Why Consider a Pension Transfer

A pension transfer is the process of moving a pension from one fund to another. There are a variety of reasons as to why you may wish to transfer your pension. The obvious ones are to improve performance, gain more control and reduce charges.

Our aim is not to sell you a pension, but provide you with great pension transfer planning advice – which in some cases might lead to setting up a new pension, and sometimes not.  What is important is that whatever arrangements you have, are a good fit for your circumstances.

Transferring a pension is a unique process tailored to the needs of each individual client. However, it’s worth knowing that a pension transfer will not work for everyone. That why you must seek advice from a regulated pension specialist.


We Help You Make The Right Choice.

Our pension review will help you:

  • discover if you’re paying too much in fees (and how to change that)
  • see if you have a poor performing pension (and how to get it back on track)
  • find missing pensions (and get them firing on all cylinders for you)
  • regain more control over your pension (to grow and nurture your pension pot)
  • help you get your retirement plans back on track (no matter how old you are!)

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Is Your Future Financially Secure?

  • Are you worried about your level of income in retirement?
  • Do you think it’s important to get the best pension transfer value and make every penny count?
  • Would you like help from a pension transfer specialist to research the whole of the market, ensuring you have the best pensions strategy?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions you will want to know if your pension can be improved upon. Our Pension Transfer Review can help you if you are contributing to, or have a frozen pension in:

  1. A Personal Pension or Works Pension
  2. A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
  3. Final Salary pension / A Group Personal Pension
  4. An Executive Pension

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Pension Transfer Report


Discover if your pension is underperforming

We provide a detailed computerised transfer value calculation. This will give you a clear and transparent comparison of your current or frozen pension you are considering for transfer with alternatives.

We will look at the returns required for your pension to grow at, and any scheme benefits and charges that may apply or you could lose, to recommend if a transfer is worth considering or not.

We Compare All The Leading Pension Providers. Here are a Few You Might Recognise:



Kind Words & Praise

I have never received such courteous and personalised service from anybody let alone a financial advisor. Paul’s knowledge and patience is exceptional way beyond the call of professional duty. Great organisation with warmth and great service.
Dr Vishwas Shetty

All staff have been very helpful and professional. But I have to say a special thanks to Susan McCall and David Marchant.
Marie Hynes

The Staff kept me informed of not only the progress of my transfer but also warned me of impending problems which they were successful in overcoming. Keeping the jargon simple helped immensely!
Mr T Upton


More pension transferring help

Let Our Advice Put You in the Driving Seat and we’ll help you with all your Pension Transfer Options:

  • Making the most of your existing pensions
  • Tracking down missing pensions
  • Monitoring the performance and cost of your pensions
  • Combining your existing pensions into one
  • Advise you on timescales
  • Advise you pension trusts

Our FREE Pension review will provide all the answers you seek in comparing the facts and figures to determine if moving your pension pot into another fund is the right decision.

The performance of different funds can vary significantly and we frequently find that our clients can gain significantly more from their pension by transferring to a different fund.

If you have had your pension with the same provider for a while, we would certainly advise you to find out what your options are today. It can make a significant difference!

You should always take specialist independent pension planning advice to help you make the right choice, we will scrutinise all the important rules including:

Exit penalties: if they will have any impact on the benefit of moving to a new provider.
Loss of valuable benefits: like improved death benefits for your  spouse and family or guaranteed annuity rates when you retire.
Pension transfer cash back : In some instances you may be in a fund that offers protection if electing to take tax free cash that is over 25% – you could lose this benefit if switching to a new provider.

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