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More Choices In Pension Release, Pension Release

More choice,  more flexibility, more freedom. Navigating the new pension landscape is not easy.

The recent Budget contained a host of surprises. No-one was anticipating the changes George Osborne introduced. But now the dust has settled, one thing is clear…

If you’re over 55 and looking at how you unlock some of your pensions cash, the proposed changes to the pension rules were fantastic news.

The Chancellor plans to give people more control of their pension, far more flexibility and the ability to take the money they need when they need it. Of course, there are still some rules governing what age and exactly how much you can take. We can’t ignore the taxman completely.

So the proposed changes are great news – but they’re also a potential minefield.

There are now far more options when you are considering pension release. A lot of people are going to face a lot of choices – and without proper advice a lot of the decisions they make will be wrong.

George Osborne’s changes mean that you will be able to make your pension work in exactly the way you want it to work – but you’ll need expert advice.

We’ve been advising clients make better pension choices for over 20 years.  The Chancellor’s proposals are exactly what we’ve been advocating – but we know that greater freedom and flexibility mean that clients will need more, not less advice.

If you’re thinking about pension release or are approaching retirement and you want to benefit from the Chancellor’s proposals but you don’t want to make the mistakes so many others are going to make, then get in touch with us.

We’re experienced, we’re independent – and we’ll make sure that your pension really works for you.

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Why Consider Pension Release

If you are aged 55 and over and not taking your pension income, you may be in a position to release a tax-free cash sum of up to 25% of your pension’s value.

This is allowed through current pension legislation and you have accumulated pension funds then pension release could be of benefit to you if you need to release some money today. Pension release or pension unlocking can free up a sum to the maximum tax-free cash allowed, which you can use to:

  • consolidate expensive loans & debt.
  • reduce your mortgage or pay for that unexpected expense.
  • boost, top up your income or invest the balance.
  • its your money – the choice is yours.

We Help You Make The Right Choice.

  • Clarity
    Our pension release advice is independent, impartial and jargon free, with no hidden fees or costs.
  • Insight
    Our experience and knowledge will assist when considering all your options, including the multiple alternatives that are available to you.
  • Partnership
    Pension Release is not a short term transaction, we’re here for the long term, providing advice and guidance regularly on your remaining pension pot, checking in to ensure everything remains on track.

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Am I Eligible For Pension Release?

If you are aged 55 or over and have a pension pot big enough, then you may well be eligible for pension release. But don’t be duped by other websites claiming that a pension release scheme can enable you to unlock all of your funds. It simply doesn’t work that way.


That’s why our pension release advice is impartial, independent and jargon free. We’ll guide you through the practicalities of it all and once you’ve spoken to us, you’ll know for sure if pension release is the right option for you.

Please Note – This service only applies to pensions in the UK. Taking benefits early (pension release) will reduce your pension income in retirement and is only suitable for a limited number of people and circumstances

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