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Our team guide employers of all sizes seamlessly through the new legislation, taking you on a clear path to a fully compliant workplace pension scheme.

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You’ll have two named contacts in the financial advisory team, a workplace pensions expert to advise you and a client manager to support you, so we’ll always be right there when you need us.


We share an unwavering belief that independent and impartial advice can best deliver what you expect and deserve in a workplace pension, our loyalties therefore lie with our clients.


We look at all aspects of Auto Enrolment on your business, both the financial & operational, and the  technology & payroll, and we advise on all aspects of starting, growing and maintaining a pension scheme.

We help busy executives, business owners and their project teams meet the new regulatory pension requirements, through simple, straight forward independent advice that will save you time, effort and expense.

We provide you with financial peace of mind by taking a realistic and complete approach to Auto Enrolment through pensions expertise built on prudence and sound judgement.

We look look to ensure your business continues to be efficient, profitable and have the minimum of disruption on you and your people by providing an action plan that is clear, actionable and aims to show you what you need to do and by when.

If your looking for help from workplace pension experts with an established track record in helping get your business positioned on time and on  budget – your in the right place.

Our Initial free assessment will provide:

  • Jargon free independent auto enrolment pensions advice. That means we have no affiliation with any other business that could influence our assessment of your pension options.
  • A quick & accurate analysis. This will determine if your current pension arrangement (if you have one) complies with Auto Enrolment.
  • A clear  understanding of any additional administration and costs involved and show you if your existing payroll process needs to be altered.

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Auto Enrolment Pensions – Take Our Advice

Reid Scott & Ross don’t just work FOR you – we work WITH you and AROUND you too. That’s why our Auto Enrolment consultancy service is FLEXIBLE and TAILORED so that you can pick and choose what advice suits YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

So what do you need from us? Take AS MUCH or AS LITTLE as you need…


Workforce Assessment

We’ll assess your staff ahead of the Staging Date and prepare a detailed report. This will give you the clearest possible picture of where you currently stand for Auto Enrolment while giving you an idea of costs. We’ll also project them all the way up to 2018 when the full Auto Enrolment contributions take effect.


You’ll need to discuss all payroll issues to ensure your scheme complies. So let us provide you with good, easy to follow payroll advice. That way you’re covered for all eventualities regarding such factors as refunds, contribution pay periods and the necessary correspondence and record keeping for opt ins and opt outs.

Postponement Options

Avoid tricky issues regarding gathering contributions and refunds for opt outs by getting Postponement advice from us. We’ll tell you how it can be used across different categories of worker.

Employee Communications

We’ll keep your employees very much in the picture when it comes to Auto Enrolment. We’ll convey the right information to the right people, keeping it relevant, timely and useful.

Scheme Selection

Our  Independent Financial Advisers, we will offer advice on the design of the scheme covering: contributions levels at the outset, from 2017 and from 2018 based on the statutory requirements.The definition of salary based on Earnings Definition, Auto Enrolment definitions  in line with existing scheme , Qualifying Band Earnings and a number of other key areas.

Scheme Implementation

We’ll help you to get your chosen scheme up and running and then ensure that everything moves along in a way that is both smooth and compliant.
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If you’d like to discuss your options further – then talk to us.

We’ve got all the information you need to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to Auto Enrolment Pensions. Click the button or call today on 0800 614 997.

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Auto Enrolment Advice - Times are Changing!

There have been big changes to how Auto Enrolment Pension advice is now paid for - Up until very recently, fees for advice were taken from the individual’s pension fund – but this has now been banned by the government, which is great news for the investor. As a result, it is the employers themselves that will have to pay for any advice in connection with Auto Enrolment, including the setting up and implementation of the pension scheme.

We help select the right Auto Enrolment Pension scheme for YOU. Reid Scott & Ross are ahead of the game and up to date with the changes. Our Consultancy Service is ready for companies to take as much or as little advice as they feel they need and we will also be able to put in place – where possible – a group personal pension scheme through a life company, or a pension scheme from NOW Pensions, The People’s Pension or NEST, depending on the best solution for the client.

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Specific to your business your report will provide you with all the facts you need to know about, and take you from confusion to clarity in 5 easy steps.

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  • When the changes affect you.
  • What you need to do.
  • What will happen if you do nothing.
  • How we can help you.
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DID YOU KNOW: All employers with one worker or more are now required to enrol eligible jobholders into a workplace pension scheme, and also make an employer contribution? This is known as automatic enrolment and is the first time employers have been required by law to contribute to their workers’ pensions. Employers need to choose a pension scheme that meets certain Government standards. To qualify, minimum contributions must be made into the scheme.

Auto Enrolment – What are the Options?

It all depends on what is right and relevant for you and your company. To decide whether to go for a group pension scheme with a life company, or a pension scheme from NOW Pensions, The People’s Pension or NEST (the National Employment Savings Trust) you need to know what suits you best. Here are a few points of comparison to take into consideration.

Life Company NOW Pensions The People’s Pension NEST
Charges Usually about 1% annual management charge £1.50 per contribution per month plus 0.3% annual management charge 0.5% annual management charge 20.3% annual management charge plus 1.8% contribution charge
Investment Full range of Funds A single investment choice (Diversified Growth Fund) Outsourced to L&G offering 3 risk profiles Target Fund which is outsourced
Charging Structure Fair and set charging Structure Varying charges which is not consistent with ‘treating Customers fairly’. Lowest charging structure Set charges but the highest in order to recoup Government set-up loans
Administration In-house Outsourced to Xafinity In-house Outsourced to TATA Consultancy Service


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If you’d like to discuss your options further – then talk to us.

We’ve got all the information you need to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to Auto Enrolment Pensions. Click the button or call today on 0800 614 997.

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